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Pilot Thread - Welcome

This website has been launched today to fill a gap created by the evolution of another vintage radio related website I have owned and run since about October, 2003. At that time, this other site was a personal website set up by me to display my vintage radio collection and a few articles on radio restoration and safety. Since 2005 the site started to grow and in mid-2005 I launched two discussion forums there, which I may add were not a success. I re-launched the forums by adding a third and renaming the other two and today they have grown into Australia's only vintage radio discussion forums with 15 forums covering a wide range of subjects relating to vintage radios and other electrical items and there are nearly 1900 members at the time of writing - probably more members than the traditional radio clubs all told.

I guess that an advantage of membership of a club is the association with other vintage radio collectors, restorers and historians. Most clubs require the payment of a fee and that your enrolment is moved and seconded by existing members. If the motion is agreed to you are in, and get to enjoy the meetings, periodical club publications, auctions and swap-meets, etc. On a website there is a less formal arrangement - just sign up and you are in and more often than not, no questions asked. The big advantage of forum membership is that there are no fees an there is nothing stopping forum members from arranging their own meet-ups or buy/swap-sell of radios and parts. In fact, the trade in radio parts on websites is increasing, probably due to the size of our country where two members can be up to 5,000km from each other as the sparrow flies. So the bottom line here is, the forums pretty much displaced the original purpose of that site and things there are rolling along quite smoothly. So with that, it's time to bring back my personal website, relaunched with new content and a more modern web development framework.

This website will include many articles, written at random times, when time is available and when a suitable topic is at hand and topics will include describing radios from my own collection, safety and restoration tips, vintage radio history, famous people and probably the most important subject of all - how to get started if you are new to this game. There is a lot to consider when wanting a collection of your own.

New members are quite welcome here. To become a member, just fill out a very small membership form and you will receive an e-mail with a link to click on to activate your membership. After this, you are free to log in and reply to comments already on this website. You won't be over-burdened with rules but the usual dos and don'ts will apply with regard to advertising, foul language and other silly things, and of course it will be a mutual arrangement - this site doesn't fill your e-mail inbox with junk either. We are here to help each other. (NOTE: Membership will become available once the site is fully operational in a few months.)

So welcome to The Sydney Radio Collector website. I hope you will be a regular visitor in the future.

Written at 19:31:28 on Wednesday, 30th March, 2016 by Brad.