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The best Burgundy comes from New South Wales

Over the past six months or so I have managed to acquire three AWA mantel radios in the seldom seen burgundy colour. As can be seen, the actual colour differs, depending on the model and the time the radio cabinet was formed at AWA's huge bakelite presses.

The Best Burgundy Comes From New South Wales

The first is a Radiolette 516M, the second version of the 500 series, which included a smaller power transformer, built-in moulded feet on the cabinet and the AWA logo stamped on the dial glass. The radio in the middle is a Radiola 524M and has a similar circuit to the other radios but with an added tone control. The radio on the right is a Radiola 517M. This uses a circuit very similar to the 516M though is fitted with concentric control knobs, giving the radio a bit of a space age appearance. There is a power switch on the back of this set.

I have one other burgundy radio, which is not featured here, a Healing L401E, which is a similar shade to the Radiola 524M. It will be shown in a later article. Other AWA radios in burgundy include the Radiola 520M, also known as the Fridge, due to it being an upright model, and the later Radiola 429M, also known as the Champion. Examples of these are still yet to become a part of my collection.

All three of these radios were made at AWA's mighty Radio Electric Works in the Sydney suburb of Ashfield.

Written at 22:53:44 on Friday, 1st May, 2020 by Brad.