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Written at 20:19:54 on Wednesday, 13th April, 2016. 

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy outlines the information you need to provide to the site to become a member, the information automatically collected by the website, the use of cookies on the site and how the Webmaster uses all information for the fit and proper running of the site.

Information provided by you

Information that is supplied by you when you become a member or make changes to your account profile is not provided to any third party for any reason unless the law requires such a disclosure. Such information includes your name, residential address, contact details and password. When you open an account and are approved you will have the ability to post comments on the site's forum system. Your username, postcount, date of acceptance as a member and your location (town and state if in Australia, locality and country if outside Australia) will appear alongside your comments. Your e-mail address will not be visible at any time unless you select it to be displayed on your profile page. The default setting for this is 'hidden'.

Account Status

When you apply for an account you agree that the information you provide will be stored on the site's database indefinitely. Accounts cannot be closed or deleted. Once a member writes a comment it will remain on the site indefinitely. Comments cannot be edited or deleted unless they do not meet the requirements of the Acceptable Use Policy.

Use of Cookies

This website issues text cookies to members' computers when the member applies for an account or logs in to the website. Members can select whether to remain logged in or to log in each time they return to the website. The site's membership section is not accessible unless the member agrees to permit text cookies issued by this site. Text cookies issued by this website only contain certain information to verify that the visitor is a member of the site. There is no feature here that allows members to be tracked on other sites. Flash cookies are not issued by this site for any reason.

Hints To Help Members Protect Their Privacy

The simple matter of fact is this: People can only know about you what YOU tell them. Do not give out personal information about yourself on this site or any other site unless other people are required to know such information. Remember that once information about you appears on a site it is there forever and linked from search engines forever. Reversing the damage of publicity is almost impossible. The rule of thumb is don't say here what you wouldn't yell out on a loud haler in the street. To assist with this, posts containing e-mail addresses and phone numbers will not be permitted.